Letters from Outside was first conceived in 2001, at the usenet location alt.horror.cthulhu. The fathers were Richard Magrath, Duane Pesice, and James Russell (in alphabetical order).

Mr. Magrath headed up the verse and humour division, populating it with a variety of linework and poesy in the Lovecraftian tradition. He completely ignored the dictum of “basic black” and provided his own backgrounds. Despite this, he was allowed to continue to exist, and lives on unimpeded by the loss of his cranium to the Mi-Go.
Mr. Russell served as non-fiction editor, and acquired a number of interesting and scholarly discussions of the work of the “Old Gent” and others of his circle and other factual material, and also provided the graphics used in the original version of the site. He remains surly to bed, surly to rise.

Mr. Pesice performed all of the menial tasks and also provided certain items of a fictional nature, gleaned mostly by begging. He also saw fit to pen several of the preserved stories and articles.

The site was located at the free host Fortune City, which was sold to Yahoo a few years ago. It took some time to determine that there may actually be a need for it to return, and additional time to weasel out of whatever life had planned, but here it is at last.
Originally there was a writers’ workshop attached to the site. That isn’t there any longer.  But we’ll be happy to look at any material you should submit, as long as you understand that no money will change hands, at least for now. One never knows what the future will bring.
Letters from Outside is currently maintained by Mr. Pesice, who will gratefully accept any donations. The site was financed by a campaign at GoFundMe, and we’d like to acknowledge those contributors, especially Marcus Wall and June Vigil-Storm, who believed beyond the call of duty.
Thanks for reading.


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